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Firstly I want to take a moment to say “Thank You”. Thanks for visiting Live Fully by JosephThanh.

I hope you’re doing great today. Life is awesome and it really is if you make it awesome, so make today is your awesome day.

As you know, life is not always easy! Sometime it’s really hard to deal with, sometime something happen out of your control. But because worry will not help you, it just makes you more and more stress, get you step closer to depression and take away all the peace of every single moment. So please, always keep your smile on your face, keep thinking positive, it will help you deal with your situation much easier.

If you look at some people who really successful in life, they’re really calm – positive and their life changed at the time they got a big (really big) challenge and they took it. They didn’t complain or give up, but they against it. So if you think you’re having a really big problem, please remember that sometime the biggest gift will come from the biggest problem. And because life does not stop giving you more and more challenges, so be happy to take all the problems as another challenge, against it and learn from it. So even the first time you fail, but the next time it won’t be your problem anymore. The only way you can handle your problem is be bigger than your problem!

And also, be who you really are, be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Even your way different with everybody, don’t be fear! If nobody did it before, then let be the first one. Be yourself! No one smarter than you and no one better than you! They can do it, so can you!

I’m Joseph and on this site, I want to focus and commit to bring the best tips, strategies and lessons that I learnt, had experience, done or even researched to inspire you, to help you stand stronger, help you get out of your situation and Live Fully!

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