How To Create Your Own Profitable Sales Funnel

So firstable, what is a Sale Funnel?

Well, a sale funnel is just like a campaign, it created to help people and to help you to be able to sell more products to your customer.

Imagine this, if you just meet a stranger and you ask them to buy your $1000 product, will they purchase it from you? Probably not too many, no matter how valuable your product is! But if you have chance to be friend with them, you and them have relationship then they would buy it from you more than a stranger, right? And a sale funnel will help you be able to do that!

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Website Traffic Generation Overview

So, in this specific article, I’m gonna share with you about Website Traffic Generation Overview, it’s just like a map to help you see the overview of driving online traffic. Also it’s gonna show you where you should start, which ways you should go and the results you should expect. So let’s jump into it.

We’re all know that drive traffic to website is needed when comes to make money online, marketing online. And trust me, this is a skill that you want to be master!


So where to start driving traffic?

Well, I know a lot of people they just want to know, to ask or to learn about traffic generation, but they don’t understand that they need to have a place to drive all traffic to. You need to know your destination before you drive a car, right? Basically let ask yourself, if I’m gonna show you the way to drive a lot of traffic, where would you like to send them to? Whether it’s a squeeze page or a sale page or your blog… you need to know and you need to set it up first before you ever think about drive traffic. Continue Reading….

10 Mindsets Could Change Your Life

Before we get into it, I just want to ask you one very basic question: what is the most important thing you need to do first whenever you do things in your life?

I don’t know about you but for me, it’s mindset, and I think it applies for anybody. You see, many times we stopped do things or started do something and did not give up, it’s just because the way you think about it and the way you do things. Another words, it’s all because of your mind.

I remember when I first get started, I tried to learn a lot, and I mean a lot! And I just didn’t take action and my results didn’t come (and I know most of us just get started having this problem too, we learn a lot and the information overload and then we don’t know why but we just don’t take action, right?). But when I changed the way I think, changed my mind, my life changed complete! So before you do anything, just take some times to set your mind right. Because it will help you save a lot of times and it will also make things easier for you in the future.

So this is 10 mindsets which very powerful and important for your business and your life as well: Continue Reading….

Affiliate Marketing or Create Your Own Product?

In this post, I would like to share with you what is Affiliate Marketing, how it works, what benefit you’re gonna get from it, how about create your product, which way you should go after…. So let’s get started!

Affiliate Marketing

So what is affiliate marketing? Well, affiliate marketing is when you promote somebody’s products and sell it to get commission! With digital products, you get much higher commission than physical products. For example: Amazon is where they sell physical products (of course they have some digital products as well) and they only pay out around 3-15% commission, and it’s not high at all. But with digital products, you can even earn 100% commission. Continue Reading….

The Power Of Email List and Why You Must Have IT

If you’ve been searching for online business, you’ll find out that everybody talk about “The Money is In The List”. It’s the true but not many people can do it. So today I’ll show you how you can do it correctly!

There are 3 types of traffic, it’s:

  • Traffic That You Own: it’s your traffic, you have relationship with them, you can send them anywhere you want. Another words, it’s Your List.
  • Traffic That You Control: it means that you can control how many visitors you want to land on your website today, and you can stop it or you can scale it up easily. Another words, it’s Paid Traffic.
  • Traffic That You Don’t Control: it means that you will get traffic, but you cannot control it, such as how many you want today, how many you want tomorrow… or it’s Free Traffic, such as: SEO, Forums Marketing…etc.

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How To Own Google – Part 2

Alright, welcome back.

Here you are, part 2 of “How To Own Google – SEO Fast”. Last post, I shared with you part 1, it was a introduction and included step 1: “Keyword Research – Market Research” which is very important. If you didn’t have chance to read it, go here now:  “How To Own Google – SEO Fast Part 1 

So remember? We already done step 1 so far, and there’s still 7 steps away. Let’s jump into it.


Step 2: 500 words Article or longer.

After you picked a good keyword, then write a 500 words article or hire somebody else to do that for you.

You article should not be good. You’re not Continue Reading….

How To Own Google Part 1

Hey, I don’t know what you’re doing right now. But whether you’re running your own business, or you’re working for somebody to run their business, traffic is always needed, right?

May I ask you something? Do you have a website? Have you wondered about why your website looks great but have no visitor? Your product is great, why are you not getting any buyers – customer? Well, it’s the way you market!

Just say, somebody search on Google for a product’s name, meaning that they are willing to buy that product. Imagine if you own every spot on 1st page on Google? You will get more buyer, right? Or simple imagine you can rank and own 1st page on Google for your specific keyword, you’ll get more traffic right?

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